Friday, July 22, 2011

After a long rest, we have an Announcement!

Fall registrations begin August 22nd! The website and new phone # will be live that date as well.
So sorry to those who are wondering what is happening at Birth Rhythms!  2011 began with the arrival of my grand-daughter who has been an absolute joy to have around. I let her little face gobble up tons of my time, but I have been busy attending births, and making BIG plans for something new in Saskatoon.  A while back I casually asked if women here thought they would frequent a centre that was based on support services for pregnancy, birth and the first year of parenting. The response was overwhelming and I got inspired. Firstly its not like I had to go create a pile of amazing programs, you see, they are already out there. Many many other doulas, childbirth educators, and mommies with small businesses who cater to exactly this period of life are scattered around Saskatoon.  Running out of our home offices or a nook in the baby room has been working for us.

Now, we have come together and will be sharing space in the New Birth Rhythms Pregnancy and Parenting Health Centre in Saskatoon.  It is due to open September 5th, 2011, with all program registrations beginning mid-August.  When I first took my website down last year to re-vamp I really struggled with what it should look like. I was having a doula-identity crisis.  I felt like we were about to make a big change but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Let's just say, it is now coming together perfectly! It too will go live mid-August .

Thank you to all those who have been helping make this vision a reality for the ones we love; the mamas!

While Birth Rhythms still specializes in Doula services, we are excited to bring together so many other amazing supports. Click on the photo to enlarge it. Get a little taste of what is to come!

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