Monday, August 30, 2010

Introducing ....The Birth Rhythms Team (day two)

Jude Hutchinson CBE, CLD

I feel in many ways that birth work found me, and not the other way around! After my first baby, I lucked out when a friend of mine was not able to get in to childbirth classes and so allowed me, with all my, ahem, sagacity, to teach her everything I knew. Surprise! She had a 24 hour, posterior baby labour (not fun), but loved it. I was hooked. Shortly after, I discovered a radical group right here in Saskatoon that was training people interested in providing an alternative to the city’s prenatal classes, and instantly I knew it was for me. I had my first doula experience (with a mom having baby number four) shortly after. (I think she coached me through!) Thirty years have flown by since then, along with countless hours of childbirth preparation and doula work. I still have to pinch myself as I witness the birth of a family, and the sacred journey of a new person to the planet. It never, ever, ever gets old.

As a mother of four and grandmother of two, I am passionate about families and birthing, and believe birth is one of the most rewarding and significant experiences of a woman’s life. To sum it up, I am a teacher, CAPPA certified Childbirth Educator and Birth Rhythms Certified Labour Doula who has been providing support services for the women of Saskatoon for 30 years.

“My goal is for the woman and her partner to feel that they received the knowledge, skills, attention, care, love, and support to empower them through the phenomenal process of birth. What a privilege to be part of it! ”

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Introducing.....The Birth Rhythms Team

I am so excited to officially welcome some amazing new members to Birth Rhythms! Each day this week I will post the bio of one of our new doulas.  I am just SO excited about what each woman brings to this practice and to the families we can reach together. I am humbled by the gentle, loving spirits of these women. If you are looking for a doula, perhaps, you will find her here.

Sunava Hintz RMT, CLD

As far back as I can recall I have wanted to work and live in community with women and babies. My early childhood was filled with such experiences. I grew up a child of the ‘70s and this entitled me to a new and juicy take on women’s rights, especially the right to birth in her own way. It was a time of rediscovering the tried and true methods of birthing, and empowering women throughout their pregnancy and birth. This was the foundation for my beliefs around birth and it led me to this doorstep I stand upon today.

My professional training as a massage therapist began in 1990, and continues to this day. I have training in a variety of soft tissue therapies such as Swedish and Thai massage, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, hydrotherapy and passive joint mobility. I am trained in homeopathy which I see as a great benefit during pregnancy and labour, and therapeutic and quantum touch which are gentle energy healing techniques, as well as extensive yoga training. I have worked in a variety of settings including clinical and home based, and have instructed at a private massage college for 10 years before retiring to start my own family. I have been attending births since 1988, and studied with Gloria Lemay of Wise Woman’s Way of Birth doula training in 2000. I am currently enrolled as a student midwife with the Ancient Art Midwifery school....this is a lifetime process unfolding!!!

My motto in birth is that you can do anything you set your mind to given the right balance of support, trust and surrendering, one beautiful breath at a time!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Special Guest Blogger today!

As everyone starts to look toward fall and the civic year gets under way, we can all have a tendancy to over commit ourselves. Refreshed from the tempo of summer, we want to hang on to that vitality as autumn approaches.  New families and those expecting an additional child often find themselves trying to sqeeze in so many projects & purchases they forgo  planning  for the actual arrival of this new little person. Making time for yourselves to enjoy the pregnancy, and protect this special time really sets the tone for your early months of parenting. The Saskatoon Leisure Guide comes out today. It is chalk full of prenatal classes and childbirth education opitons for you.  Birth Rhythms has some new surprises for you.

Before you sign up, please check out the fabulous Kirsty Snowsell, and her new mom friendly blog.  Saskatoon moms have much to look forward to from her and her mompreneur spirit!

 A 'Working' Mother. Is There Any Other Kind?

Everyday I am grateful for the freedom to have a job I am passionate about, and while the dancing is AWESOME and the families are FUN, what I love most is being able to empathize and encourage everyone who crosses the studio threshold. Often I find myself saying to people, “...and on my ‘to-do-list’ of a million items I’d like to add this...” and then I have to go home and assess where “that” fits into my schedule. That being said, this post is for all you women out there striving to find balance in your professional and personal lives. I lose track of how many times a woman has bared her soul about how overwhelming the task of juggling life and raising a child can be...AGREED!  more...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Birth Talk

So, you are pregnant or perhaps a new mom and you want to meet other women who are sharing the experience of parenting? Come out to our free pre and post natal mom's group!

Every Monday night we meet to watch videos and discuss important topics around birth and early parenting.

August 2nd: no group

August 9th: DVD: Birth Into Being

August 16: Diaper talk

August 23: DVD: Man in Labour...what if they had to do it? How can we advocate for change?

August 30: Open floor discussion night, bring a snack to share.

Birth Rhythms is located in Oshun House
202-912 Idywyld Drive

Parking in the rear. Enter by North door and go to second floor!

This will be a casual night. Great for a bit of a Birth Rhythms Reunion for those who have finished the classes in past years and would like to share their stories or just connect to some other moms! . Tea and treats provided, just drop a few loonies in the jar. Invite your friends!