Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Passages, a new class to help you discover the path to your best birth!

Passages is an ELECTRIC movement and birth success class rolled into one! During this 7 week prenatal adventure you can explore dance moves big and small from, Middle Eastern, African and Latin traditions meant for birthing, get to know how your baby wants you to move during birth and discover what kind of birth YOU really want!

This 90 minute class combines mental and physical birth preparation in an active format as well as focused weekly discussion and a great book that we will review together. Partners are invited out for class # 6 to join in the adventure. Come out and have some fun with that belly while you still can!

Beginning Sunday January 16th. 7-8:30pm Regularly $125,

FREE to the first SEVEN! expectant mamas who post here!

50% off for the next FIVE women after that!!!!

( This does not include the cost of the book~$25)


Quincy Lambe said...

Sounds great! I have been checking back to see if your website is ready at an obsessive rate. Happy to see a blog post. I am 29 weeks and have been looking (via the internet) into the birth community around Saskatoon for the past 6 months but I still haven't actually gotten involved in anything - This is something that sounds like a lot of fun & works with my schedule. How do I sign up?

kiwimum said...

Is this class still running? I would be interested!!