Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dads and Doulas

I am a 35 year old father of two beautiful, naturally birthed boys (4 years and 3 months). Our first child was born naturally in a hospital setting with the help of a doula. The experience completely validated our decision to include a doula in the process of pregnancy and birth. Especially for first time parents committed to learning about the natural birthing process, a doula is an absolute must. Our first experience gave us the confidence to have a home birth for our second child.

In preparation for our second child we needed a refresher on the natural birthing process and the many natural tools and techniques that can be employed to joyfully support the arrival of a new human into the world.

We came to Birth Rhythm for the Labour Intensive – Embracing the Beauty in Birth – hands on workshop for the refresher. WOW! It was exactly what we needed to re-engage with the tools and techniques we already knew of and to learn some new ones too! The most valuable thing we learned from the class was the distinction between the typical birthing process and the natural birthing process. The workshop was many things… hands on, educational, eye opening (especially for first timers), casual, friendly, respectful, and fun! The whole experience was extremely valuable to us.

My wife and I have a deep appreciation and respect for doulas. Our doula and the Birth Rhthym doulas have given us the key to the empowerment necessary to have a normal, natural and healthy birth experience.

For anyone who has never engaged with a doula, this workshop is a brilliant way to learn first hand how a doula empowers the birthing couple.

The experience was worth every penny.

I have the utmost appreciation, respect and gratitude for the Birth Rhythm team.

Aaron Chubb

-Saskatoon, SK

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