Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Doulas!

Congratulations to Jodi, Allison, Sarah, Ravenne and Kelsey for completing the Birth Rhythms Labour Doula training series tonite! It was over 40 hours of class time in the past 12 weeks but it seemed like it passed so quickly! Just short of having a baby, it is such a satifying feeling to see these women enter the Saskatoon Birth Support Community. They will serve women well with their diverse talents.

Look these gals up on Facebook! They call themselves the Birth Ninjas!


Anonymous said...

what kind of background checks are performed on these students before they recieve doula status?

Emunah said...

There is no background check required to take a doula course, similar to most post-secondary undertakings. Doula work is not a regulated profession. It is up to the family to interview potential doulas, contact references and request any background checks that they may find relevant to their care.

Good Question!