Monday, November 06, 2006

Welcome Ayla!!!

Hi Kari and Lisa!
Some exciting news. We had a baby girl on Sunday! Her name is Ayla Madison Tarasoff and she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. (I'm not biased or anything ;) )
I want to thank you guys for everything we learned in the classes we took. I know I would not have had the positive attitude that I had without the classes and I'm sure my birth experience would have been completely different without them.
My membranes ruptured on Sunday morning at around 11:00 a.m. and we decided to go to the hospital. When I got to the hospital they double checked my water had broken and because I wasn't having contractions decided not to do any further internal investigations, which was fine by me. They decided I needed to stay at the hospital and put us in a room in antepartum to wait. The doctor told me they would wait until morning and then we would discuss inducement. That upset me, although I knew she would say that, but she said "discuss" so that made me feel better.
Within 20 minutes of moving to the new room, by 1:30 p.m., my contractions started and I started to get uncomfortable. My contractions kept getting closer and closer and after 3 hours no one had been in to check on me. So, Brenden went to find a nurse and she came to see what was happening. She looked at me for about one minute and told me that I was just in pre-labour and nothing was really happening and that I was "scheduled" for an inducement in the morning. That made me so mad that for about half an hour after that my contractions got farther apart. She told us to tell her when the contractions were "regular".
So an hour later at about 4:30 we were certain they were "regular" and Brenden went to get her. She brought in the fetal monitor and made me lie in bed although I asked to sit. I felt her to be really rude and condescending and even at this point she made another comment about me being induced in the morning. I got upset and said but why would you induce me if I am already in labour and she told me basically that I was in such early labour that nothing was happening. I knew she was wrong. Brenden and I figured I was about 4 cm at this point as before he went to get her I had one of those break down "I can't do this" moments just like you said Kari. However, as she made the inducement comment once again and said other rude things I got upset again and my contractions reversed again so the strip didn't show anything that got the nurse excited.
So, then we decided to have a Jacuzzi and that was wonderful except for when I'm sure I hit the 6 cm mark as once again I had another breakdown but Brenden was amazing and helped me through everything. He was so wonderful I couldn't have done it without him.
At around 6:30 p.m. I was definitely in active labour. I kind of went in to a trance from that point on. I don't know why but the nurse at this point still continued to believe I was in early labour. I think she thought I wasn't making enough noise because I was doing so good with my breathing exercises. At somewhere closer to 8 p.m. I hit transition. Brenden said he knew exactly when it started but didn't want to say anything and kept calm and kept me calm. Brenden went and insisted that I needed to have a doctor check me. They finally came and I had my first cervical exam and lo and behold I was 9 cm.
Things were a rush from there. They hurriedly took me to labour and delivery and within 20 minutes of arriving in my new room I was holding my beautiful baby girl in my arms! The pushing stage was so painful but at the same time it was so wonderful. It was just so exciting and although it hurt like nothing I have ever felt it almost felt good at the same time! It was such an amazing experience and I am so glad I was able to cope as I did! I know those classes were the reason. I would have been begging for an epidural otherwise.
So, I just wanted to thank you again for everything!! You guys are great!

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