Thursday, August 19, 2010

Special Guest Blogger today!

As everyone starts to look toward fall and the civic year gets under way, we can all have a tendancy to over commit ourselves. Refreshed from the tempo of summer, we want to hang on to that vitality as autumn approaches.  New families and those expecting an additional child often find themselves trying to sqeeze in so many projects & purchases they forgo  planning  for the actual arrival of this new little person. Making time for yourselves to enjoy the pregnancy, and protect this special time really sets the tone for your early months of parenting. The Saskatoon Leisure Guide comes out today. It is chalk full of prenatal classes and childbirth education opitons for you.  Birth Rhythms has some new surprises for you.

Before you sign up, please check out the fabulous Kirsty Snowsell, and her new mom friendly blog.  Saskatoon moms have much to look forward to from her and her mompreneur spirit!

 A 'Working' Mother. Is There Any Other Kind?

Everyday I am grateful for the freedom to have a job I am passionate about, and while the dancing is AWESOME and the families are FUN, what I love most is being able to empathize and encourage everyone who crosses the studio threshold. Often I find myself saying to people, “...and on my ‘to-do-list’ of a million items I’d like to add this...” and then I have to go home and assess where “that” fits into my schedule. That being said, this post is for all you women out there striving to find balance in your professional and personal lives. I lose track of how many times a woman has bared her soul about how overwhelming the task of juggling life and raising a child can be...AGREED!  more...

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