Friday, March 21, 2008

March Book Review- A Must HAve!

Interview with Dr. Sarah Buckley, author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering:

1. What is it about childbirth that leaves so many questions unanswered, despite the fact that women have been doing this for millennia?

Dr. Sarah Buckley: I think that childbirth has changed drastically in the last twenty years or so, becoming a medical procedure with a lot of difficult decisions that our grandmothers never had to make. It has also changed because childbirth no longer happens in our communities and we don’t get the chance to see what it is really like until it’s our own turn. I think that we would be less scared if we all had the chance to witness the normal birth of our siblings, friends or sisters.

2. What is so great about Gail’s book that sets it apart from other books?

Dr. Sarah Buckley: I love Pregnancy and Childbirth Secrets because Gail presents the information that women need in such a straightforward way. Women will love the mix of practical and medical information, based on real life, and the ongoing support for new mothers from the breastfeeding and newborn tips. Other books presume that women will want to go along with everything that their carers or hospital suggest, whereas this book gives power and information back to women so that they can make the best choices for themselves, their babies and families.

3. It seems very practical, and grassroots, coming from moms rather than coming directly from physicians and nurses, or experts who haven’t given birth...a nice complement to what already exists.... what do you think?

Dr. Sarah Buckley: Yes, as above. Gail has a delightfully friendly and practical approach that also covers the serious side.

4. What advice can you give to first time (or multiple-time moms)?

Dr. Sarah Buckley: Remember that your body is the temporary home for your baby, and look after yourself and your body really well before, during and after pregnancy and birth. Eat the absolutely best diet that you can, with good quantities of healthy fats to build your baby’s brain; keep your work or life as low in stress as possible; consider yoga or other gentle exercise; also consider scheduling a regular massage- a fantastic investment for you and your baby; make sure you have time for resting and dreaming, and for tuning into your baby. Especially if you have other children, organize help for the first six weeks so that you can just rest and get to know your baby.

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