Tuesday, February 26, 2008

5a. Trusting the Process
Posted by: "Tia Rich" tia@inner-serenity.org innerserenitybirth
Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:30 am (PST)
So I am in post recovery from a birth yesterday as a Doula. This
entire last weekend I have been pondering the birthing process and the
journey it is. How we treat it in our world. So here is a the story of
the birth....

I had a client begin laboring on Feb 11th and on the 12th was 3cm
60% effaced... She lost her mucous plug and so we all thought
soon... I told her to rest, hydrate and eat. She took walks with her
mate and looked forward to the day... Well time passed and she would
have periods of regular contractions that by bedtime when she was
tired would just slide away... By the 22nd after losing two mucous
plugs and having bloody show off and on for a week. she began
contracting at 1am (Friday) 5 min apart, she rested, ate drank and
just hung through them.... This continued through the weekend...
intensity building...(baby reactive and doing well through it all)
Monday the 25th 5:30 am I get a phone call that they are pretty
intense 2 min. apart... so it's time to go to her home.... We labor at
home till I see the dilated pupils and wild look in her eyes, her
water had broken 30 minutes before... time to go Transition has
arrived... At the hospital she is 7 cm and goes to 10 within 30
minutes... Beautiful chubby baby born 90 min. later... With a thick
healthy placenta... Oh and her caregivers honored her plans (push in
whatever position, late cord clamping, mother/baby/daddy bare skin
contact without time limits, no Vacc or interventions etc...) This in
a 90% epidural rate hospital....

OK so my client knows that without me to sound her out and reassure
her she would have gone to her caregiver and would have been in the
hospital many days before this one... She was being seen by two CNM's
and a OB in practice together. She knows she most likely would have
ended up on Pitocin and much more had they known about her pattern of
labor... I find this sad that "I" was their saving grace from that

None of the books that most people read really talk about labor and
birth looking like this... So how are mothers to know that what their
body is doing is perfectly normal. This woman happened to be highly
attuned to her body and baby. More so than most woman, I truly believe
that is part of what let her slowly labor her baby out. She labored
for hours and hours over the weekend and would sleep when she needed
it, her body and adapting to those needs...

She did so much of the work of labor calmly, relaxed, smiling... The
intense part was very intense, but also very short in comparison to
the whole process... In all this woman and her mate had an experience
full of respect and beauty without fear and manipulation.

This is a pattern we need our caregivers and ourselves to honor, that
we need to write about and teach... I believe even midwives need to
really look at this, and learn to trust and honor the birth process. I
see many who fear the process that is not "normal". So what is normal?
That is not a simple answer, normal is as different as each individual
person is.

This journey I shared in was natural and very normal, not
maladaptive... Instead of seeing the normal pattern, most see problems
and look for reasons why the baby isn't popping out in the 14 hr
medical time plan...Of course back in the 60's normal labor was
thought to last as long as 36-38 hrs... In the 80's it was knocked
down to 24hrs, we now expect it to last 14 hrs... Have our bodies
changed so much?

Tia Rich


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