Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Study: Epidurals may hamper breastfeeding

[New study from Australia, is generating lots of media stories, here's a couple, and the links to the actual research is at the bottom],20867,20905801-23289,00.html

Epidural babies can't get grip on what's breast

David King

December 11, 2006

WOMEN who give birth with the aid of pain-relieving epidurals find it harder to breastfeed than those who give birth naturally, an Australian study has found.

The research suggests some of the drugs used in epidurals make their way into babies' bloodstreams, subtly affecting their brains and development for weeks afterwards -- including making them less willing to breastfeed. The study by University of Sydney epidemiologist Siranda Torvaldsen adds to a growing body of knowledge that makes a link between the use of the pain-killing drug fentanyl in epidurals and problems with breastfeeding. During an epidural a catheter is inserted into the spine to allow the infusion of pain-killing drugs. These deaden the nerves that relay sensations of pain from the lower body.
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Epidurals 'hamper breastfeeding'

Having an epidural to relieve labour pains is associated with problems breastfeeding, a study suggests.
Researchers said those who have the anaesthetic are more likely to have problems in the first week after birth and to stop breastfeeding early.
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