Sunday, June 11, 2006

'gentle birth choices' video review

length: 57 minutes
produced by: Barbara Harper, RN
rating (1-10): 8
Availability: Saskatoon Public Library,

summary: different kinds of birth in different settings; circumcision discussion; commentary by two prominent experts in childbirth (marsden wagner and michel odent); displayed VBAC, posterior labour, children at birth, older mother, waterbirth, homebirth, birth center birth, husbands at birth

highlights: a very empowering VBAC; comfort measures for posterior labor (especially the support); rescucitation efforts were amazingly calm and reassuring, nobody was ever worried, not even the parents

weak points: cut-off of sound at pushing stage is very misleading

primary educational value: different positions; power in being upright; comfort measures; children at birth; VBAC at home; environmental differences in hospital birth

increased my interest in: VBAC, children at birth, older mothers, waterbirth

I would recommend this video to: nurses, CNMs, physicians, labor assistants, parents, childbirth educators, doulas, aspiring midwives, and grandparents

The companion Book now comes with the DVD. - A good deal!

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