Saturday, February 25, 2006

What are we afraid of?

I have been procrastinating for weeks about how to start this blog. What I really need to know is.. What are you most afraid of? I mean in the context of your current pregnancy and upcoming birth. What is that little niggly that you keep pushing to the back of your mind? You know- your worst case senario. Not the 150 other stories you have had thrown at you since you first shared the news of your pregnancy with others, I mean in your own mind and heart. If you could get rid of one fear or factor surrounding your birth what would it be?

Every time I was pregnant I wrestled with the same fear. Could I really do this? It affected every desicion I made. As I watched my belly grow each day I worried. Worried instead of wondered at the beauty of it all. Is this resonating with anyone?


Bonnie L. Kusch said...

Not pregnant nor have plans to be soon however, as personal reflection confirms, if I found out 1 minute ago from my doctor that I am indeed pregnant, a nine-month phase of "Can I…." would occupy me. I believe truly upon hiring a Doula, I would be asking questions starting with “Will I…?” instead.

Anonymous said...

Not planning on being pregnant any time soon. Have two beautiful children.....however in the past year my ideal birth-day has changed immensely. The more you get back to the root of it all, you realize that we weren't created to have modern medicine involved...that the drugs I pumped into my system for the last two births are a big waste of time. If I had to do it all over again a doula is the way to go....all natural, and they are there for you, not the system with man-made rules and's between you, the Creator, and your husband.